Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Runstreak Day #396 - New Year's Eve - lethal pavement run

Today's run for day 396 was an unmitigated pile of cack.  Steaming, ugly, smelly, repulsive cack.  The pavements have acquired a whole new level of lethal as they're basically sheet ice which means I get to do my patented octopus wearing rollerskates impression whilst running.  Plus, every so often I had to stop to cough up a lung as the cold air aggravated my chest infection.

It really wasn't pleasant.  I ended up having to run in the road a fair bit, which is mildly scary on New Year's Eve when drivers aren't at their most reliable as they're off to parties etc.  My choice was either run in the road and risk being run over... or run on the pavement and risk slipping into the road... and being run over.  Of the two, just getting run over without the added falling on the ice seemed, in my warped logic, to be the better bet.  So that's what I did.  Can't say I enjoyed it!!  Please, please, please melt overnight!!!  I want tomorrow's run to be a fun one to start the new year!

Anyway, the thing that struck me as I was running home was that with this being New Year's Eve, I've managed to run every single day of 2014.  That's not bad going, is it!  I've run when the weather's been nice.  When it's been foul.  I've run when I've felt well.  I've run when I've felt pretty awful.  I've run when I should have been running.  And when I shouldn't. *whistles innocently*  I've done my first ever race and my first ever parkrun... and I've run 3 half marathons.  I've made a bucketload of brilliant running friends.  I've had months of physio and yet never injured myself running (oh the frustrating irony!).  I've run over 1300 miles and always been glad I ran, even if each mile wasn't necessarily easy.

And I've loved being part of this community. Thank you for a year of inspiration, motivation, knicker and cockwomble discussions, giggles, support, achievement and being all round bloody brilliant.  2014... you have been run.  Bring it on 2015... I'm ready for ya!

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