Thursday, 4 December 2014

Runstreak Day #369 - I didn't do one run today

Well... today my lovely readers... I didn't do a single run.


Not one single run.

Aren't I good?

I did two instead!!  GO ME!!!!

Stick with me, there's logic in this one.  The first run happened because I needed to go into town to drop off some money.  Now, since I had to drop money off at the local running shop, the idea came into my head that rather than walk the 3 miles into town and 3 miles home (which I normally do as I still can't drive and I find I get too anxious on the bus, but which is pretty boring), I would be quicker running.  And, after all, a running shop wouldn't mind you turning up a tad sweaty and gross, right?  So, I ran.  It was fine.  Up the hill, down the hill and into town.  Up the hill, down the hill and home.  Only someone made the hill a LOT steeper on the way home.  Which was rather unnecessary.

The second run happened because it was pre-arranged and because I was leading it, I couldn't *not* then show up.  So, I decided to think about my two runs as a long run, split into two halves.  Which suddenly made lots of sense and in fact made the bit in the middle a tremendously sensible rest period.  The second run was just over 5 miles of 'very hilly', because Thursday is our local hilly run day.  And it wasn't even a sneaky secret run because of all the other secret sneaky runs, I argued that it was my 2nd proper run of the week and the physio had said I could do 2 runs a week.

All of which makes me massively sensible and massively honest about how much I'm running at the moment...

... and massively going to lie my head off to my physio tomorrow about it all.

Repeat after me 'no, no, Mr Physio, I promise you Sarah only did two short, slow runs this week and rested sensibly at all other times'.  Excellent.  :o)


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