Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Runstreak Day #368 - snatching the moment

Some days it's easy to find time for a run.  Some days, it can seem like there's no space at all for it.  Some day, you think you've got a plan for when you're going to run.

And then it all goes belly up.

And then you plan to go again.  And that doesn't work out either.

And then you see another little slot where you could run.  But... ah... something else ends up there too. And so it goes on.  Until you're left with the teensiest sliver of an opportunity and you charge at it like a mad thing, determined not to get away.

That was today.  I was going to go this morning.  My in-laws are living with us at the moment but generally go out during the day.  Since I'm supposed to be resting (yes, I know I *should* be resting), if I go for a run when they're around then I'll get ratted out to my husband!  So, I thought I'd squeeze in a run when they were out of the house, my husband was at work and the kids at school.  A sneaky little cheeky little run.

Only then, only my father-in-law went out.  And my mother-in-law didn't.  And then my father-in-law came back and declared it too cold to go out for the rest of the day.  So they stayed put.  And that opportunity for a run disappeared.  Then, when I thought I could sneak out for a quick run while they were busy, my husband came back early from work.  Damn it!!!  And then, when he went off to pick up the kids from school, I ended up with no time to slot in a 'no-one will know I've been for a run' run!!  Gah!

That left one last opportunity.  I could go for an up-front 'I am going for a run' run, if I went with my littlest to Sweatshop.  He really wanted to go and my plan had been to go for a proper run myself in the day and then take him along to Sweatshop.  Because obviously then that would be okay by everyone because it wasn't a 'proper' run, as I'd basically be looking after him.  Ta daaaaa!  Everyone's a winner!  In the end, I was VERY late leaving the house - a quarter of an hour after they meet for the run - whoops!  We charged out of the house, my littlest was still pulling on his shoes as my husband took us in the car and barely made it.  We arrived just as everyone else was leaving!  But at least we got there!!  He managed 2.5 miles AND managed a 9 minute-something pace, which was brilliant for him!

And it meant I got to run!!

A whole day of failing to run.  Until that one little opportunity appeared.  Hooray!

Day 368... or Day 3 of the new Advent Streak.  In the bag!!

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