Friday, 5 December 2014

Runstreak Day #370 - short 'un s'all

I was a good runner today.  Well, almost.  Okay, so I'm not supposed to have run today at all... but I didn't go far and I didn't go that fast.  So, that's almost good, isn't that right?  And I did confess a couple of runs to my physio who dutifully laughed, nagged ever so slightly and rolled his eyes at me in acceptance of the fact that I am a lost cause.  Especially when I confessed that one of those runs amounted to 11 miles.  And he said 'when I said two runs, I didn't quite imagine you doing that'... well... the devil's in the detail, right?  And if he didn't explicitly say that, then... *whistles and ignores the other five runs this last week*

He also tried to explain to me why my back would be more sore after the exercises he'd given me.  He was trying to liken it to the aching legs you get after a run.  'But, I don't get aching legs' I said.  'Not at all?' he asked.  'Nope... otherwise how would I run every day... I mean... how would I normally run every day', I reply, almost giving away the fact that I've kept on running every day.  Whoopsie!  :o)

It was bloomin' cold out today for a run, not inspiring at all.  And when all you can do is lollop fairly slowly around, that's not especially fun either.  My back and hip are complaining a bit though, so sensible and slow seem to be the only options for a bit longer.  My mobility in my back is still rubbish and the inflammation hasn't completely gone yet, so, that's probably what's making me run a bit lopsided and aggravating my left hip and knee in the process.  Damn mechanics!  Just get better back!  Just get better!!

Still, at least running a bit earlier today meant that I didn't have to do an exhausted post-physio run.  I'm always shattered after having acupuncture (plus, we have to drive home in the dark which triggers flashbacks and general anxiety which is also very tiring) - and sore too.  Which means that this evening I'm resting... which makes me virtuous in the extreme.  And all ready to run again tomorrow!


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