Friday, 19 December 2014

Runstreak Day #384 - attack of the bag

Today's run got cut short.  It was still over the 2 mile minimum I have... but it was shorter.  The reason?  Don't attempt to run while carrying 2 pints of milk in a backpack which is swinging around wildly in an attempt to knock the wind out of you.

Y'see, this whole 'secret sneaky runs' thing is kind of a complete pain in the arse.  I was all set to go for my 'walk' and then he says 'I've got a letter that needs posting, can you post it while you're on your walk?'... 'yup, no problem'.  Which it wasn't.  After all, it's only a letter and the post box is only about a quarter of a mile away which isn't much carrying of stuff at all.  '... and can you buy some milk?'... 'oh... okay... just a pint?'... 'no, make it two, might as well'.  *heart sinks*

So, I think to myself, it's okay, I'll take my backpack and shove it in there.  Except that running with a non-running backpack turns out to be a complete pain in the arse.  You can't get the straps tight enough.  It wibbles about annoyingly.  And you end up running all lopsided in an attempt to avoid being hit by flapping straps and baggy nonsense.  I managed a couple of miles, then went to Tesco. Bought the milk and hoped that it would weigh the bag down enough that it stopped bloody attacking me.

Only it didn't.  The milk hated me as much as the bag.  And an angry 2-pinter clipping you in the elbow every other step hurts!

I gave up after a quarter of a mile.

I think I may be ready to stop lying about whether or not I'm going for a run.  It's been 4 weeks since I hurt my back.  It's definitely loads better.  And if I have to run errands one more flippin' time because I'm 'walking' not running, I will scream and scream until I'm sick.

So there.  :D

PS  Any recommendations for running backpacks?  Santa owes me one!

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