Monday, 22 December 2014

Runstreak Day #387 - back to running

So... physio today... and...

I CAN RUN!!!!!!  YAY!!!!!!!!!

Okay, so carefully and not going mad... but since he's now trying to build my core strength to help with the whole prolapsed disc thing, he says that running will help with that!!!!  WOOOOO HOOO!  Well, that and the various exercises he's given me to do.  But, hooray!  No more secret naughty runs!!!  And it's not like I actually stopped running anyway... but now it's legit again.  YES!!!!

Will gradually work on building my mileage back up (very gradually) and carry on being super dooper careful as I don't want it to happen again.  Plus, my back is really hurting now after generally being poked and prodded again today... as well as my shoulder which is *still* flippin' sore!

Anyway, all of the above meant that I got to have an 'I'm going for a run' run, rather than a fake walk.  Which doesn't make it always easy to head out of the door for a run, what with the chaos of family life to contend with.  And tonight, that all meant it was past 9pm before I had chance to escape.

The run itself was alright.  Bits were great.  Bits were hard work.  But that's because I'm sore and tired.  But I got out there and gave it a bash!  And didn't have to fib about it or anything.

If I weren't so achy I'd be happy dancing right about now.  I'll just have to make do with drinking tea instead!  Day 387 / Day 22 of Advent Mk II... done!

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