Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Runstreak Day #365 - the full year!!!

So... that's it.  I have run every single day since 1st December 2013.  Would you like the nerdy stats bit?!

Here goes...

I have run for 365 days without a rest day
Altogether I have run over 1335 miles.
I have climbed nearly 50,000 ft
Most of my runs have taken place between 7 and 9 in the evening
Since March, I have always run over 100 miles per month
I clock up most miles on a Sunday
My weight is only 6lbs less than it was on 1st December last year
My 5k time has improved from 30 mins+ to 23 mins
I have run 16 parkruns, 3 half marathons, 2 10Ks and 2 virtual races
I have run a half marathon in 1:46, the furthest distance I'd run before my runstreak was 4.5 miles
I have spent 194 hours running, the equivalent of 8 days non-stop

And I have ALWAYS been glad that I went for a run.

This morning, I had the absolute privilege of running with this beautiful group of runners *points at picture* - who joined me in running on my 365th day.  I was so, so touched that they all came to share in my run today and for me it's one of the biggest changes in my life in the last 12 months.  I started my runstreak with no running friends.  I'd never run with anyone else before in my life.  I was frightened that I would be outed as 'not a proper runner'.  That I wouldn't be able to keep up.  That I couldn't really do it.  I'd been running for less than a year and after a lifetime as a non-runner, was still working through the various issues that come with learning to run.  Only 12 months before my runstreak, I'd never run a step as an adult and was obese.  Not just overweight.  But obese.  I lost 6 stones, sorted out my health, my fitness and was working towards making the changes in my life stick.  And then the Advent Streak happened (thanks to the online community Run Mummy Run (RMR)).

A year on from starting that runstreak and even when times have been very tough, running has still made sense.  I have a host of amazing running friends - who have supported me in so many different ways.  Whether that's been through building my confidence with my running or being there to understand when I've been dealing with PTSD.  Or just running, chatting and laughing with me.  I am so proud that we're on the way to creating our Notts Women Runners club.  That we have a positive and beautiful community in our local area.  I am so proud to be a part of the RMR community and being fortunate enough to attend the retreat back in July is something I would never have done without the love of running unleashed by my runstreak.

Highs and lows?  Well, lows include all those damnable flies I swallowed over the summer!  And the occasional battle with the brown turtle of doom *blushes*.  The runs immediately after the car accident where I cried with pain and anxiety, repeating to myself "I will not let you beat me" as I slogged my way through each step.  The days where I just couldn't manage to keep running, stopping to feel faint and ill and physically adrift from my normal self.  Trying to fit in a run after a 15 hour day at work when all I wanted to do was to sleep.  The disappointment of my first race where I nearly bottled out at the last minute.

Highs?  Well, they include the secret half marathon - where I didn't tell anyone that I was going to do it and only confessed to my husband via a text message on my way home!  I have never smiled so much when running before.  I loved running the Tissington Trail Half - the views and gentle running camaraderie were fantastic.  I have run in the torrential rain while laughing my head off with others (even those who normally hate running in the rain!!).  I have gone running with my children - my littlest has just started going to the Sweatshop runs and my daughter has done parkrun too - and both say they want to be runners as they grow up!  I have loved the daily inspiration and support from my beautiful RMRs.  I loved following other people's progress, I love hearing about everything from first steps with C25K to ultras and amazing feats of endurance and epic stamina.  I've done the Leadership in Running Fitness course and will be starting to run beginners groups in January with another running friend.  My life is better for running - and I want to help others to discover that too.

And I have been lucky enough to enjoy sparkling golden sunrises, mistily soft evenings, seen full moons and night skies inkily broken up by the light of stars and felt absolutely alive as I've run down hills.  And every day I've run; regardless of the weather, regardless of how well I've felt, how much I've wanted to run or not.  And little by little running has wormed its way into my soul so that I can't imagine my life without it.

Today, so many people with me (thank you for the virtual running organisational genius that is Virtual Runner!) and I am absolutely blown away that they did.  We raised over £200 for Cerebra who have provided brilliant support for my niece and her family.  We ran together, even if we've never met - it's testament to Leanne Davies, that her RMR community is capable of such wonderful acts of togetherness.

Thank you all.

Anyway, I really must stop waffling.  Day 365.  I ran.  I ran with friends.  I felt nervous this morning ahead of today's run, but the day shone for us and as ever, I'm glad I got out there.

Now... who is in charge of putting the kettle on?

PS  I may just have bought myself a new Garmin to celebrate...  ;o)

Geeky stats stuff

Distance:6.72 mi
Avg Pace:10:12 min/mi
Elevation Gain:162 ft

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  1. Congratulations. What is most inspirational about your running is how happy it always seems to make you - even when life throws the worst stuff at you.