Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Runstreak Day #388 - festive fun

If you're just starting with couch to 5k you cannot imagine ever being able to run for fun.  Well, not even running for fun, but the run itself being fun.  Well, tonight's run was that!  And when it's like that, you definitely feel like one lucky little sausage for having gone through the awful bit of starting to learn to run in the first place!!

We had a city Christmas Jumper run planned for tonight and we ended up running through the shopping centre like naughty children... then up through the main shopping streets in Nottingham, to the big Market Square, with the Christmas tree behind us and all the crazy German market-style stalls on the other side.  And took selfies at the various Nottingham landmarks.  It was very funny and loads of fun.  I love that when I run with other people I get to run at a really relaxed pace, that there's chatting and laughing and it properly feels sociable.  It's the payback for all those hours of work you put into your running when you realise how fortunate you are to be part of a strong and fabulous running community.  And that it's more about the social than about the struggle to run.  Hooray!

By the time we got back to where we'd parked, it hardly felt like we'd run at all, even though we'd nearly done 5k together.  And then I laughed my head off at Zoe Blackburn spraying air freshener all over herself... and then all over me in order to de-stink ourselves before heading into the pub after our run.  And still, while we were sat in the pub, the only fly still active in Nottingham came to buzz around our sweaty bodies.  Classy.  :D

Ooooh, there appears to be a cuppa that needs drinking... I may be some time...

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