Friday, 12 December 2014

Runstreak Day #377 - post-physio painful one

So... that's Day 377 done... aka Day 12 of the current Advent Streak and almost half way through another Advent of running!

Today's run is dedicated to my long-suffering physio who now plays 'spot whether Sarah's lying about how much running she's been doing' while laughing in resignation at me.  Including him spotting plasters on my heels and asking me whether they were from more running than I'd said.  'No', I say, 'it was from walking a lot while wearing inappropriate boots with an inappropriate skirt'... which was true, and happy I didn't have to lie, I continued, 'so, what you're saying is that I'm better off in trainers and should stick to running?'.  Apparently, that wasn't what he was saying at all.  Go figure!

Anyway, my physio has been brilliant with helping to sort out my stupid prolapsed disc as well as the whole whiplash / ankle injury stuff.  And he really has tried his hardest to keep me running, even if I'm *ahem* not entirely listening to his advice at the moment, I am being as sensible as my crazy runner brain will allow.

Today's run involved running to the bottom of a big ol' hill, then up the mile long hill, doing a quick loop at the top, then running the mile back down again... and up again to home.  At the moment, I'm doing the last bit of my run as strides as a) they're meant to be good for you and b) they're fun when you can't run very fast at any other time.  A short blast of fast is nice after a slab of sensible.

Oh, and when - after you'd made me yelp while manipulating my back / doing that weird traction thing - you asked me what I was doing this evening, Mr Physio, and I said in a jokey way 'going for a run'... and you laughed at my 'brilliant' sense of humour.  I wasn't entirely joking.

*whistles innocently*

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