Friday, 12 December 2014

Runstreak Day #376 - gah!

For every decent run, a pants one or two will follow.  Today's run was a bit pants.  I hate running in windy weather at the best of times and then today it was crazy windy.  But that wasn't the problem, not really.  Well, a bit.  But my legs were just very tired today.  Weirdly so.  And then the horrible fainting feeling hit me, which I had a few weeks ago.  Fortunately, I had a lightbulb moment about what was the problem.  So, I know what the cause is this time - a medication change is behind it - so no mystery, just annoying.  It's frustrating to feel like my pace was starting to return and then land up back into sludge mode again.

The thought goes through my head, 'When will I ever be able to run decent distances again?!?!?!'  I'm fed up of doing short runs and while I know that I should appreciate just being able to get out there, it does get a bit tedious when your body isn't quite playing ball.  Normally on a Thursday I try to do a hilly run with a few others, but I know that I haven't got it in me today, so am slacking off that effort too.  Gah!!

Honestly, sometimes I am such a grumpy teenager about everything!

Let me think of the good things about today's run.  I got my run in before it started to rain.  I ran in the daylight.  I ran a little further than yesterday, even if it felt harder.  Plus, I snuck my run in before my husband came back from work so I won't have to pretend to be just going for a walk later on!!

And tomorrow is 'lie to the physio about how much running I've done' day.

*slurps tea while rehearsing saying 'yes, I have been resting' without doing a guilty face*

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