Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Runstreak Day #382 - Christmas crazy running

Blimey, fitting in today's run was a rushed old business!  At least it wasn't a naughty secret run for day ermmmm... think it's about 382?!  Anyway, it was a Sweatshop run with my littlest, so it was more 'jog' than 'run', but it still counts.  :D

This time of year is just relentlessly dark, isn't it?  It doesn't exactly inspire you to go out.  But, an 8 year old who's decided that he LOVES running club, does help you with a little shove out of the door.  He even managed to get himself ready super dooper quickly once we'd got back from the school Christmas play.  I've never seen him move so fast!

Yet... when we get to SRC, he goes all monosyllabic and shy!  And then, when we run, he's going 'I've got a stitch, I want to stop' within about two seconds.  Once he'd got past that though, he was fine.  It was a Christmas jumper run this evening, so he had a festive meerkat, while I was sporting my Santa Baby jumper and candy striped socks.  Because we're the slowest, however, the others go on ahead (which is absolutely fine)... and it meant that while a group of them looked like there was a festive theme going on, we ended up wa-a-a-a-ay behind, looking like a pair of Christmas crazies running around in Chrimbo knitwear.

I also discovered how to get my littlest moving once the run was done and we had our 'cool down' jog to get home.  You just pretend to fire a laser at said small boy and then run off yelling 'you can't get me!'.  He then takes the bait and it becomes a game of space shooter mayhem, with him chasing and blasting and me doing pretty much the same back.  In fact, the last bit of our run was probably the most fun run I've had in a while.  Complete with me running, then jumping to 'dodge' the laser beams he was firing at me, pretending to be hit, then hiding behind a tree to ambush him...

It might have been rainy, cold and dark... but who needs sunshine and sparkles to rediscover your inner child?  :)

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