Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Runstreak Day #367 - nippy and naughty

BOSH!  Day 2 of the Advent Streak done!  Only just over 2 miles, but 7:27 minute miles and I had a nice old time boinging along.  Don't tell my physio I'm ignoring his 'don't run for three weeks or if you have to, a maximum of twice a week' blah de blah-ing... tonight's run was sponsored by good painkillers and a bloody lovely bit of pavement zooming.

Okay, so it wasn't quite day 2, it was day 367, but I love that some runs can feel as fresh and vibrant as any other, whether it's day 1, 2, 300 or whatever.  And today's did.  I think it's because I'm being a bit naughty with my running at the moment.  I know that I shouldn't be running with this back injury.  I might have told a fib or two that I'm resting *whistles innocently*... and I may just have said that I was going for a 20-minute walk around the block this evening.

And then, as soon as I got out of the front door and out of sight of the house, bombed down the street like a child who knows they're not behaving themselves.  But I didn't care one bit.  I loved it.  I LOVE that feeling when you're flying along.

For a change I decided to listen to music.  I was bad with that too.  Turned up the volume even though it was dark and ran my socks off to the music.  Sometimes you have to just not give a shit.  I had a rough morning of treacly sludge-like anxiety after another crappy night and yet more weight loss (which I don't want to lose as I've dipped into the underweight category - PTSD has zapped my appetite completely).  So, I earned the right to say 'screw this, I'm running' and to run myself into a happy place, belting along, blasting out music, scrunching through leaves, whizzing round corners, charging up the hills, looking at Christmas lights, feeling light and strong the whole time.

And then getting home and pretending I just walked round the block*

Running is frickin' awesome.

* the trick is nip into the house and get into the shower as quickly as possible before anyone sees you.  ;o)

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