Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Runstreak Day #395 - chest infection, icy = stupid

Didn't manage to run this morning - despite having arranged to meet up with an old school friend - as I've gone and got the lurgy.  Gah.  I'd arranged to meet him at 8 and at 6 o'clock in the morning, despite running a temperature and coughing up a lung, I was still really hoping I could manage it.  I know, I know... ridiculous.  By half past six it was apparent that I wasn't going anywhere.  So, I cancelled.  Chest infection vs frosty early morning run = chest infection wins.

And with it, my runstreak finished.

The rest of the day I felt dreadful.  We travelled back from Gloucestershire where we'd been staying with family, and I managed more wheezing, coughing and generally moping about.

Fortunately, or unfortunately(!), my in-laws have been staying with us for the past few months having moved back to the UK from Australia... and because we've still got a fair bit of snow in Nottingham they didn't dare brave going out while we were away.  So, we needed some basics like milk etc.  Because my back had seized up from being in the car and not moving very much during the day, I volunteered to amble wheezily down to the shops, dosed up with cold and flu tablets.

What's a girl to do when the pavements are lethal but to put on her trail shoes so she doesn't fall over?  And obviously she's already wearing her leggings because it's been a cold day... and with a thermal running top popped over the ordinary bra and jumper... well... a little voice whispers 'why not try to run it?  A bit...'

And the runstreak was resurrected and limped on through day 395.  A VERY slow, icy, wheezy, stupid run.  2 mile minimum in full effect!  And this time, I didn't attempt to run carrying the milk!!

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