Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Runstreak Day #389 - Christmas Eve kiddie running

Christmas Eve, aka Day 389.  A time for chaos in the shops.  Ridiculous levels of kiddie excitement at home.  That feeling that there's something you haven't done.

But... IT'S NEARLY CHRISTMAS!!!!!  Which is a big exciting yay as far as I'm concerned!!!!

Plus, I got to go for a run late this afternoon with my daughter, which was fab.

Well, apart from the bit before the run.  I asked her if she'd like to come with me.  She said she would.  But she was tired.  I said 'don't worry then'.  She started crying.  So I said, 'well, come then... we can stop whenever you need to'.  She said she hadn't got any trainers.  Then she wouldn't wear anything sensible to run in.  And cried again, wailing that she wasn't good at running anyway.  'No, look, it's okay', I say, 'come another time when you're feeling a bit more positive.  If you're tired, you won't enjoy it.  It's fine... another time will be fine'.  She cries more.  But seems to accept it.  I go to leave.  She comes soggily round the corner, weeping that she won't get any other chance to run before Christmas.  And then all of a sudden is ready and up for coming running!!!

11 year olds are VERY strange.

Our run together was good.  We ran holding hands and playing the Christmas light game - where you pick a colour and then get points for every house you see with that colour light.  To be honest, it didn't really matter who won - distracting a semi-grumpy child so they'll just enjoy their run is the main trick!  And it worked.  She did 2.5 miles.  One stop at the nearby supermarket for a pee break for her.  A run via the shop which has turtles in the window to say Happy Christmas to them.  And home.

Christmas tomorrow!  CHRISTMAS!!!!  Yay!!

Happy Christmas my gorgeous RMRs!  May the Christmas fairies bring you all the running goodies your hearts desire.  And your next run be a thing of happiness.  And no weeping!!

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