Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Runstreak Day #362 - a hilly Thursday run with friends

Hills are definitely easier with friends.  Not least because I run them more slowly!  And that's a good thing.

Today's run wasn't that easy though.  For the first time ever I got struck (and if you're squeamish, then now is the time to skip to the end of this post) by the brown turtle of doom in a way which wasn't going to end well.  If you know what I mean!!  I had to divert via the local leisure centre so I could use the loos there!  Oh, the shame.  Plus, I was running with others so as the pain in my stomach got worse and worse, realised I was in a bit of a tricky situation.  What made it worse was I was leading the run... so in the end, I took the route towards the nearest look venue and went 'I need to use the loo, you guys can run up the hill and back and I'll meet you outside'... and then dashed in.  How embarrassing!!!  *head in hands*

Just shows, after a year of daily running, there are still new and excruciating runner's lows to discover!!

Other than that, it was good to have company on today's run.  It's our regular Notts Women Runners hilly run on a Thursday which we haven't done for a few weeks while I've felt particularly poorly.  This week, I've been slowly trying to build back up my running (bad back permitting), and thought I'd give it a go again.  And survived in one piece.  Lighter than when I set out *blushes*, but definitely survived.  Up, down, up, down, up, up, more up, down... and everyone gave it a brilliant go.  Hooray!

For me, running is still providing a welcome respite from the nightmares, flashbacks and suffocating anxiety of PTSD... and even though I'm wrecked after my run with others (where I feel obliged to try to be more like the old me than the current sad-bag version and then collapse at the end!), I'm glad I have running in my life.

Geeky stats stuff

Distance:5.11 mi
Avg Pace:9:42 min/mi
Elevation Gain:432 ft

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