Saturday, 6 December 2014

Runstreak Day #371 - hair commercial running...

Cooer, it was a struggle to kick myself out of the door today.  I can always tell when it's going to be one of those days when it gets later and later and later... and theoretically I could have run at any point, but just haven't.

Okay, so today had to be a sneaky 'I'm not running, I'm just going for a walk around the block' run, but even so, I could have been a sneaky sneak much earlier in the day rather than leaving it until nearly 9pm.  I don't know if those of you who are doing the Advent Streak have found this yet, but there will be runs where you just don't think you have it in you.  You delay, you find other stuff to do, little opportunities drift away, you make another cup of tea... and the day disappears slowly but surely, and still your trainers haven't magicked themselves onto your feet.

Things that should have motivated me?  Firstly, my Leader in Running Fitness card came - which is super dooper exciting and means we can register our Notts Women Runners group as an official Run England group.  The second was that my new Garmin came, which should have had me shooting out of the door the moment it charged.  It was a pity I had a really REALLY bad night and had problems with my energy the rest of the day... and was sore from doing my physio exercises - all of which added to run reluctance!

So, a short run.  Out the door, down the hill (I always run down the hill first when I don't feel like a run as a) it's easier, and b) it makes me pootle around at the bottom of the hill a bit before heading back up, just to delay the uphill bit!), and a 2.5 mile loop just to stretch my legs!

Oh!  I remember!  I did do one thing differently today.  I didn't put my hair up (yeah, I know - anti-climax, right?!).  I just used my Buff as a hairband instead.  It was weirdly liberating!  I felt like a shampoo commercial, boinging along with my hair flowing behind me.  When I got home I looked like a mad woman with exploding hair.  But it felt SOOOOOO good when I was running!

6th day of Advent... 371 days run.  Cuppa to my right.  Nice.  

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