Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Runstreak Day #381 - a little bit further

I'm sorry Mr Physio
I'm on your naughty list
I haven't been that good you see
You'll have to slap my wrist

That time you asked if I had run
I shook my head, said 'no'.
That might not quite have been the truth
I ran... and not that slow.

That time you said that I should rest
Ease up, and spare my back?
I listened just a little bit
Then ran a great new track.

That time you said 'just twice a week'
Is hell, no kind of heaven
I thought about it lots you see
On runs five, six and seven.

I heard what you were saying
When you pointed out the risk
Of causing further problems
To my stupid prolapsed disc

But really Mr Physio
You should know by now
I'll run and run and run some more
Long as my legs allow

My husband hid my trainers
But he didn't find my spares
My husband rolls his eyes at me
I pretend I'm unaware
My husband he has tutted
And grumbled that I'm dumb
On rainy, dark December nights
I still vanish for a run.

The thing is, Mr Physio,
The thing that we'll agree
Is when I say 'I didn't run'
There's just no stopping me.

I'm sorry, Mr Physio
I'm a dirty, lying bum
I'll definitely stop tomorrow
'Cause... tomorrow never comes!

Day 381... bosh!  Done.  Nearly 4 miles of 'not' running.  *coughs guiltily*

Cuppa anyone?

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