Sunday, 7 December 2014

Runstreak Day #372 - the Christmas lights game

So, what was that?  Day 372?  Day 7 of Advent Streak Mk II.  And my weekly mileage is wa-a-a-a-a-a-ay down at the moment.  This whole back problem thing is driving me a bit mad!  I just can't get out there and get properly running so am having to stick to short runs in the main.  Gah!

So, when you're feeling fed up and bored of the same short, slow routes, it's time to invent a new game to make running a bit more interesting. Today's game was the Random Christmas Light Route Generator game.  It goes like this... as soon as you see a turn coming towards you, you have a look for any Christmas tree lights on the houses nearby.  If the last house closest to the turn has blue lights, you turn right (if you can)... if it has white lights, you turn left... if it has any other colour lights, you go straight on.  Ta daaaaa!  Random route created!

The only flaw in my genius game was that it meant I had to run up a massive hill, do a weird loop at the top, run down a hill that was stupidly steep, then up an unlit lane, down another too steep road and finally up a path which was lit... until it wasn't, and I had to stop to try to see where I was as it got too dark!  Whoops!  Ah well, at least it made it a bit more interesting!  And going up a big long hill always clears my head (because there's no room for any thought other than 'I think I might die in a minute'!!).

Oh, and I ran with my hair down again.  Got home, and my daughter went 'your hair... it's all... it's all... out... and big...'.  And then stared.  A lot.  :o)

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