Monday, 15 December 2014

Runstreak Day #380 - the cornflour caper

Right.  That's it.  I'm bored of doing short runs.  Tomorrow, I'm going to start building back up the distance again.  Much though I love running up the big hill and down the big hill (actually, I do love running up that hill*), I am going to have to start doing something different before my trainers get bored!

To be honest, I did do something different tonight.  Just over half-way through my run, I diverted to Tesco and bought some cornflour (it's the detail that's important in my waffle, right?)... and then discovered that running down a hill carrying a box of cornflour while wearing gloves is actually REALLY hard.  There's no real grip, the thing is just slightly too big, and the cornflour inside refuses to arrange itself in any way that would make carrying it just a bit easier, flollopping around uselessly while the box slips gradually out of your hand.

I even tried shoving it down my running tights.  Yeah... that was as stupid an idea as it sounds.  I looked like I was about to give birth to an ugly boxy-looking baby and ended up running as if I were mid-crapping myself.  I lasted about 30 seconds before the box came back out and I resumed switching hands with it in a desperate attempt to find some way to carry the damn thing.

My pace is gradually starting to pick up again.  Doing the whole 'strides' thing at the end of my run is fun generally but also seems to be convincing my legs that they can move at a faster 6 minute-something pace.  The fact that I have to run them up a hill makes them a smidge harder, but I reckon it's worth it.

So, anyhoo... tomorrow I will go for a longer run.  I won't do any shopping part way round.  I won't attempt to carry slippery cardboard boxes.  And I won't be shoving anything down my running tights **

Day 380, you were an odd little fish.  At least there was tea.  :)

* cue Kate Bush song
** cue Carry On smut moment

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