Thursday, 18 December 2014

Runstreak Day #383 - Chariots of Fire run

Some days I bloody love running.

Actually, every day I bloody love running.  But some days I REALLY bloody love running.  And I mentally play the theme tune to Chariots of Fire as I boing along.  Because it feels flippin' epic.

You know those runs?  Where all those ploddy crappy runs disappear from your brain and all of a sudden you know how to run?  Suddenly you feel light on your feet, you can feel your knees lifting, your arms pumping, your breathing is rhythmic and if you're listening to music whatever track you're listening to is the *right* one.

Which is why it's best to keep those runs short so that you don't jinx it and turn fab to flop!

Anyway, it had to be a short run today as I was kinda tired and didn't get out until gone 9pm.  But when I did it was brilliant.  The roads were quiet.  The pavements were mine.  It was windy, but not unbearable.  I had my hair down and had made the mistake of brushing it... so I looked like a sweaty Crystal Tipps by the end of my run, but felt awesome while I was running.  And I remembered why I was glad I persevered with running at night because while I know it scares a lot of people, it is amazing in so many ways if you know some safe, well-lit routes.  There's a freedom to it that you only find then or at the opposite end of the day when it's crazy early in the morning.

It's bliss.  It's space.  It's movement.  It's a little slice of wonderful.

I bloody love running!

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