Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Runstreak Day #392 - *that* look

If you've ever fancied having lots of people give you *that* look, I have just the recipe for you...

1 runner
1 pair of candy striped socks
2 bright green trail shoes
A handful of thermal running clothes
1 woolly hat stolen from husband
Several streets full of snow, slush and ice

Apply clothing to runner
Open front door and release runner
Gingerly run round the streets in an attempt to get running but not fall over
Run past people who are walking like they've pooped themselves
Witness *that* look
Run past people who are driving like they need to poop themselves
Witness *that* look
Wait at traffic lights
Get *that* look from every car that passes

Ta daaaaaaa!

Simple!  You are guaranteed to get *that* look from everyone.  Mainly because the pavements are flippin' lethal at the moment.  We had a couple or so inches of snow overnight and the combination of that and freezing temperatures / morning sun = slushy, frozen, icy, snowy crazy conditions.  Thank goodness for trail shoes and a pig headed level of stupidity which means I'll run in any weather!

A very slow 5k this morning.  I didn't fall over.  I made a point of grinning like a fool at everyone I passed.  And although running in snow is knackering... I did it!  YAY!!

And my cuppa cha tastes mighty fine after that.

PS  If anyone else would like to give me *that* look... form an orderly queue...  :D

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