Saturday, 20 December 2014

Runstreak Day #385 - return to parkrun

After 3 months... I've gone back to parkrun!!  Hooray!

It's not like I haven't wanted to do it, but I still can't drive so can't easily get there... and my only way of getting there is to run to parkrun, then run it, then run home... and with various injuries, I haven't been up to that distance.

But, today was a Christmas themed run.  Christmas, people!!  Christmas!!!!   I had to go and get my jingle on, didn't I?  So, I did.

I also learned some stuff today too - some of which is related to parkrun, some of which isn't.  Stuff which isn't?  Our washing machine broke.  Damn it!  You know what my first thought was?  How will I wash my running kit?!?!?!  I haven't got enough spare kit to last not having a washing machine!!!!!  I fear that's the sign of the truly addicted.  The thought that we can't really afford to replace it and the reality of loads of domestic washing backing up didn't cross my mind until later.  I was just worried about my sports bra getting stinky without being washed!*

Other things I learned?  If you haven't been to parkrun in a while, you forget how early you have to get your act together to get there on time!  Because I was running the 3 miles there, I had to be earlier than normal leaving the house.  So why, at 8:10, I'm not even dressed.  And at 20 past haven't actually had any brekkie.  Or why, at 25 past am shoving a piece of toast in my mouth before legging it for a mile to meet a running friend who I'd agreed to meet at half past...  I don't really know!

I also learned that if you're running late, that what you thought would be a nice gentle run at your friend's pace, turns into you having to go a fair bit quicker... and nearly killing said running friend in the process!  And that's before we even got to parkrun.  Whoops again!

Parkrun itself was good.  Loads of festive runners, Santa hats, some elves, plenty of kitsch jumpers and generally happy bunnies.  There were a few 'serious' runners there - dressed in their normal serious t-shirts, serious shorts with serious runner's knees poking out and serious trainers on their serious feet.  Looking serious.  But actually because everyone else was dressed up, they looked kinda daft!

Although my pace was a lot slower than before the accident, at least I managed to run it and got what I'm now calling a post-accident personal best (PAPB)... and to be honest, I'm quite happy with my PAPB and being 8th female finisher.  Specially cuz it was seriously windy in parts and the legendary mud of the country park was back in full effect - causing a guy just in front of me to cartwheel spectacularly onto his bum... which he then turned into an 'I meant to do that' roll and sprang back onto his feet in an attempt to look cool.

What a load of waffle!  Anyway... I returned to parkrun.  I have a feeling it's day 385 today... and day 20 of the current Advent Streak, so only a handful more days, lovely streakers, until it's done (and we discover who's addicted and out there running on Boxing Day!!).

Oh, and today's my wedding anniversary.  So, we celebrated by buying a new washing machine.

And now my husband's made me another cuppa.  That's love, that is.  <3

* I hand-washed my running kit today.  I know, I know... I'm addicted... what can I say?!  :o)

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