Saturday, 13 December 2014

Runstreak Day #378 - sneaky again...

Icy pavements are SO dangerous... but... at the same time, when you run at night and they're all sparkly and pretty, it's like your own little running disco.  Which is massively distracting when you're trying not to fall over!  But hey ho, that and the Christmas lights are a perk of evening running at this time of year I think.

Yet again I'd left sneaking out for my secret naughty run until the evening.  There wasn't really time earlier in the day, but it's also harder to go for a 'walk' on my own when the kids are up.  I cannot wait until my back's better and I can get back to openly running!  Okay, so I'm still running when I should probably (yes, I know it's not actually 'probably', I *should*) be resting - and I probably should just confess that I am running instead of walking, but I can't be bothered with having to argue to go for a run!  So in my head, there's some kind of weird logic to the sneaky crazy runs.  But I am bored of it!

On the upside, my inner competitive side was happy that a couple of Strava  segment course records were mine tonight!  It's ridiculous the things that get you going 'yay' when you're running.  Even if it's completely trivial!  There were also bits of my run where I felt all epic, hair flying behind me and bounding along the pavement... while the Saturday night pub-goers thought I looked crazy.  :D

So, another naughty run, done.  And tomorrow, I get to run without feeling guilty as it's a Santa run in Melton Mowbray for my daughter and me.  All legit and not secret or nuffink!!  HOORAY!!!

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