Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Runstreak Day #390 - Christmas Day run!

Happy Christmas beautiful people!!!

It's Advent Streak Day 25 (a big fat yay for everyone who's just completed it - you're all amazing!)... and it's Day 390 for me today.  And I've done my Christmas Day run, complete with massive food baby on board.

I don't recommend the latter bit though.  It's like shoving a huge Christmas pudding down your running tights and then attempting to be graceful as you lump it up and down the streets.  It ain't pretty.  Especially not when your stomach then growls and grumbles with just about every step.

You know what though?  I didn't give a monkeys.  I enjoyed my run.  Properly enjoyed it.  The streets were almost as empty as they are in the evening... but I was getting to run in daylight.  Hardly any traffic... anyone I saw smiled and said hello / Merry Christmas (although I did get a couple of 'you are insane' looks!)... and I ran with a massive stupid grin on my face, rocking my candy striped socks as I went.

Running is magic.  If you switch off caring about pace, distance and all of that stuff, and concentrate on enjoying yourself, it's ace.  All boingy, happy, pittery-pattery freedom.  It's the best Christmas present you can give yourself, I reckon.

Even if you are running about with a ginormous roast dinner bouncing in your tummy while the Christmas brown turtle of doom threatens to say hello...  ;)

Merry Christmas all - I hope you got all the running goodies you wanted!!

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