Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Runstreak Day #393 - fitting it in...

Some days are harder to fit in a run than others.  Some days you just can't picture where you'll find the slot to get that run in.  Like today.  The day started scarily early as I had to get down to Gloucestershire to do a sponsored 10 mile walk at 10am.  I couldn't be late, so we had to get ourselves sorted and out of the house by 7am.  No mean feat with two children to get going!

Plus, I was going to be occupied most of the day by the charity walk.  And then a visit to my mother.  And very little chance to escape for a run.  So... I decided to go for a 'walk' in the evening. A running kinda walk.  And it was FREEZING!  And dark.  It's very hard running along country roads which aren't lit when all you've got is a heavy torch to help light the way.  And as you run, the torch light is wibbling and wobbling all over the path.  And the lights from oncoming cars is blinding you.  And none of it is easy.  At all!

Which is why my run was only just over 2 miles.  My hands were absolutely frozen by the time I finished.  Carrying a torch is hard work!  And not much fun.

My first properly dark torch-lit run.  Remind me to buy a head torch!  I'm not hand holding a torch ever again!!

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