Thursday, 1 January 2015

Runstreak Day #397 - an epic start to 2015...

Today's run was epic!!  All of my health issues have just cleared up.  Just like that.  No more pain in my ankle, no more pain in my shoulder or neck... and my back feels brand new.  Plus, my chest infection... that's gone too.  The weather was amazing.  Absolutely perfect temperature.  No wind.  Warmth in the sunshine.  Bright blue skies.  Everything flowed.  My husband even got my trainers ready for me and said to me 'go on love, you enjoy yourself, you've earned a really great run... I'll run you a bath while you're out and make sure that I get dinner sorted.  Was it a large cup of peppermint tea you want ready for you when you get back?'.  And while I was out, the children tidied their bedrooms.  Without even being asked.

Mile after mile of joyful running.  Didn't stop once.  Didn't even get heckled today or beeped at by anyone.  It was amazeballs.

Oh. Oh, no... hang on.  All of the above is a crock of old crap.  :D

If you fancy nagging me about why I shouldn't have run today, then read the next bit.  Otherwise, just imagine that the above really was true and congratulate me on a fabulous start to 2015!!

Today's run was a shocker.  I was lying down feeling grumpy and sorry for myself, coughing and generally fed up.  When I decided that I was sick of being unable just to go for a run when I felt like going for a run.  Fed up of feeling poorly.  And fed up of feeling fed up.  So, I announce loudly to my husband that I am going for a run and that was that.  And got myself ready.  Because, as we all know, running is just as much about the mental side of things as the physical, right?

Wrong.  Not when you've got a chest infection.  What happens instead is that you get all 'I'm just going to do this and you try and stop me' and stride out of the house.  Then manage about 20 seconds and realise your lungs are not playing ball.  But you're going to brazen it out anyway because, goddammit, you're fed up of doing stupid short runs too.  And you manage the first slow mile.  Then stop.  Unleash torrents of snot and a machine-gun fire of uncontrollable coughing.  And get going again.  Then stop.  And repeat.  Cursing your stubbornness for attempting to run when you're clearly not well enough as you go.  Making a bargain that you'll just keep going until you get to 5k and then stop completely.  So I did.  And then walked the last half mile home, too exhausted to do anything else.


A-a-a-a-a-a-and... commence nagging...


*slurps tea and coughs*

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