Saturday, 3 January 2015

Runstreak Day #399 - still wheezing...

Runstreak Day 399... oooooh... last run of the 300s!!!  Flippin' heck!

It was nowt exciting though.  A pretty random 5k whereby I started out feeling rough... attempted to run up the mile long hill where I live, but gave up half way, ran back down part of it... then carried on up to the top... did a bit of pootling at the top of the hill... ran down a bit of one of the sides... had a sneaky wheeze and cough (okay, not sneaky at all, it was loud and full on!), and then back up the hill again... and down the main drag, little cough and a wheezebag moment... and then up the hill to home.

Slowly.  Ve-e-e-e-e-rrrrrrrrr-r-r-r-ry slowly.  And as soon as I got to 5k, I stopped.  Exactly where I was.  In the middle of the pavement.  And walked the last bit home.  Not caring one teensy bit what the neighbours might think!  Mentally, I'd told myself that I just had to get to 5k... running with a chest infection is knackering... and even the teensiest bit more running after I'd got to my target just was *not* happening.  So, it didn't!

S'funny really.  The more I run, the less precious I get about needing each run to be brilliant.  Sometimes whole runs are brilliant.  Sometimes only little bits will be good.  But I will always know that I did something just for me, and that's always worth it.  Plus, every single day for the past week someone has made a comment about my weight / figure and I am sick of it.  When I run, none of those people who've commented run with me.  I am free of their opinions.  And I get to feel good about the body they criticise and what it can achieve... even when I'm not feeling 100%.  So there!

Cuppa?  :D

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