Monday, 26 January 2015

Runstreak Day #421 - hooray for Sundays

Today's Sunday was awesome!

Y'know though, Sunday used to be a bit of a bleurgh day. It's really Monday Eve and with a Monday hanging over you it always takes the shine off. But it's not like that any more because every Sunday morning I get to lead our Notts Women Runners beginners' session at the nearby Country Park and it is so fabulous it makes my toes tingle with happiness. Firstly, I get to have a laugh with Zoe Blackburn, Sion Bostock and other running friends. Secondly, I get to be with oodles of other women runners. And thirdly, we basically take over the park!

I'd run to the park to get my legs warmed up (and get a few more miles in) and arriving to a chatty burble of women all ready for the session was another 'eeeek - this is really brilliant!!' moment. Today, we had another 11 new runners join us. That means our Sunday beginners group now has 91 registered members. 91! Added to 41 at our Monday group and in the past couple of weeks we've started over 130 women off running. Isn't that mind-blowing?!

It is an incredible sight to see everyone setting off on the run. A sea of women doing something fabulous for themselves and all believing more and more that they can actually run. So many of them tell me how happy it's making them. How much they enjoy running with other women. How proud they are of themselves. How they are starting to feel fitter. How the running bug has got them already! I absolutely love it.

Okay, so my trainers needed a wash by the time I got home (that park is nothing if not muddy!), but I'd had a morning of sunshiney running happiness and that filled up my tank of positivity for the rest of the day. Plus, for the first time in ages my mileage is finally back up to being above 30 miles in a week... which makes me feel like my June marathon may not be such a stupid idea after all.

Sunday... you were a little bag of epic loveliness. Same time again next week? Don't mind if I do! Oh, and I get to run with our other beginners' group tomorrow! YAY!!!!


And tea. I really love tea a lot as well. :o)

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