Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Runstreak Day #423 - another double run day

Another double run day for day 423!  My legs are a teensy bit tired right now and the ankle I wrecked in the accident is complaining a tad... but every mile was a happy one.  And that's a good run day in my book!

Run one involved running to meet up with the local Run England bod to run the route we'll be doing in a week's time (we got asked to lead a run as part of the city's 'Light Night' - so we'll be running into town all lit up and glowing for the night!) and that was great.  She told me about something she'd like us to be involved in - yay for another exciting thing later in the year... and although it's all schtum about it at the mo, I can't believe the opportunities running has given me.  I love it!

Run two involved running with some of the women from my Sunday beginners' group.  It's completely informal and voluntary, I just say that if anyone needs a running buddy, I'll meet them at the local supermarket and repeat the Sunday session with them.  Well... tonight... 24 of them turned up!!  It was fab.  Chat, chat, laugh, chat... we got beeped at by several cars ('first time I've ever been beeped at!!!' said one of the group... 'you'll get used to it', I say... having already been beeped at several times on my first run today!)... but the group were ace.  I watched them voluntarily run back up the hill to the store at the end and felt so proud of them.  They could have walked it.  But they chose to run.  They were brilliant.

I am so proud of what they're achieving already.  And because it's a smaller group on a Tuesday, I try to make sure that I have a chat with everyone and it's ace.  And we still never leave anyone behind.

And for that reason, even though my legs are tired... and I'm shattered after a really terrible night's sleep and PTSD-ish day... I get to go to bed knowing that in at least one area of my life, keeping on running has kept that flow of potential for pure happiness coming.  Isn't that an awesome thing?

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