Thursday, 22 January 2015

Runstreak Day #418 - dynamite run...

Day 418 and it was a dynamite night of running.  Not because I was like dynamite... but because I required dynamite to force me out into the cold.

It was nearly 9pm by the time I got out there and I had to put my very biggest very bravest big-brave-girl pants on to get myself out of the house.  I have had enough of freezing my bits off just to go for a run.  I'm being really ploddy at the moment and taking it steady when I'm out there, just so that I focus on trying to enjoy the run rather than coupling being stupidly cold with trying to kill myself.

I know I've said this loads of times, but I really cannot wait for the weather to warm up.  Not to get stupidly hot... just warm enough not to have to wear (and wash!) 3,000,000 layers every time I go for a run.  In fact, thoughts of the warmer weather were obviously in my head when I went to Sweatshop at lunchtime and picked up my foam roller (hooray for the SRC loyalty scheme)... and some shorts fell into my shopping basket at the same time.  Funny how that happens, isn't it!  My husband always ends up looking at the bank statement and going 'I thought you said that x thing was free... there's a charge here for y pounds...'.  Tum te tum... innocent face... tum te tum.

Anyway, they're pretty darned short shorts - the boy-short tight sort rather than the flippy floppy ones I have been wearing.  I am going to brave showing more of my legs to the world come the summer.  Mainly because I'll have earned it through all this crazy running when it's icy, snowing, icy and snowing, slushy, grey, grim, wet, hailing, sleeting, dark, miserable... and generally most of the weather that happens between November and March!

Oh, and is it very sad if I heard that my department will be moving offices and my first thought was... oh... I can commute by bus and run the bits either end of the journey!  It is?  Ah.  :D

Too late for a cuppa.  Good job I've just guzzled one.  Hooray!

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