Friday, 16 January 2015

Runstreak Day #412 - the imperfect annoying day!

Day 412 should have been perfect.  A bit like yesterday I had plans to run with someone else *waves at Sion* - but then the plans all fell apart and that didn't happen.  My lunchtime long run (would have run 3 miles into town, done 3 miles with Sion, then 3 miles home again) turned into my helping my in-laws to move out of our house.  Still, now they're gone, I get to strip off and dump my sweaty stuff into the washing machine as soon as I get in and waltz around like a naked floozy as I head to the shower!  Which for a gross stinky runner is awesome!  :o)

Anyway, I didn't get my lunchtime run.  And instead I ended up having to go for a run this evening.  After a physio session.  A physio session where he made me go 'f-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-uck' when he attempted to release a muscle in my back which is *still* in spasm.  As well as one in my shoulder.  Ouch!  He's such a nice bloke, but blimey he knows how to make me swear my socks off!!

So, I ran gently.  Had run a couple of miles.  Was being mildly annoyed by my armband light doo dah (does anyone know of a make which fits scrawny arms and doesn't fall down???), so stopped to adjust it.  Glanced at my Garmin... and it's reading a weird time.  AAAAAAARGH!!!  It was still in stopwatch mode from when I was timing my daughter doing some maths problems earlier in the evening.  AAaaaaAAAARGH!!!  In my head, that means my run doesn't count (yeah, I know it's not logical!)... and even though I'd already run a couple of miles, because they weren't recorded, my runstreak would be broken!!  So, in tortuous logic, I turned round and ran back the way I'd came.  This time recording it on my Garmin - and managing what seemed like a pitiful 2.1 miles.

Only it wasn't that simple.  As I got to within half a mile of home, the brown turtle of doom decided to visit with a vengeance... and I had to detour via Tesco to use their *ahem* facilities (every little helps an' all that!).  And then wobbled my way home back up the hill.

The short version?  Day 412, you were a weird annoying little pig.  It's best that we never speak to each other again.

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