Thursday, 15 January 2015

Runstreak Day #410 - boy running...

410 days in a row... every so often I write down the number of days I've run and it blows my little noodle.  I think about me from two years ago... having only ever run three times.  Not three days in a row... three times.  Ever.  And now I've strung together a streak of 410 days of running every day with no rest days.

Which also makes me chuckle because in the last week I've said to several people that they need to take a rest day.  And emphasised how important it is...

Tum te tum... hypocritical me... tum te tum...

Anyway, I definitely don't always run flat out and some of my runs are very definitely active rest days.  Which was the case today because my run was a Sweatshop run with my 8 year old - and when I take him along I always run at his pace.  And that pace can be 'flat out, I'm going to die' or 'doo be doooo climbing on a wall doo be dooooo just going to explore a wild patch over there... and am taking my sweet time over doing it'.  That's fine an' dandy.  As long as he's enjoying himself, I don't care.

On the way back we didn't walk... we were on 'a mission'.  It involved deflector shields.  Titanium bombs.  Fire blasters.  Hiding behind bushes.  Chasing around the edge of the park.  And running a whole lot faster than he'd managed during the proper run!!  It's amazing what turning running into a game can do for a boy.  All you need to do is to pretend to blast a fireball at him and then jump occasionally and act like you've been hit... and it's a recipe for running happiness!

So, that was today's run.  A teensy bit over 3 miles.  Lots of fun with my littlest.  And we get to be together for a bit of mummy and son time.  Nice.

Even if I am a non-resting hypocrite.  :D

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