Monday, 12 January 2015

Runstreak Day #408 - short, slow but sweet

So, an even shorter run than yesterday... but since I also walked over 6 miles (and had a counselling session which is always a hard, emotional experience), I don't really mind!  Short and sweet can be exactly enough some days.

Plus, I had the fantastic experience of helping another 31 women do their first ever run this evening.  Today,  I was assisting rather than leading the session and ran at the back to make sure that no-one was left behind.  Even though it was so hard when I was first beginning to learn to run, that experience is just so valuable when helping others to start out.  You know how they must be feeling... that lung burning, leg aching body shock that is running.  You can encourage them through those last few seconds of their run... you can tell them how amazing they're being by giving it a go... you know what the voice in their head is telling them about whether or not they can do it at all.

I loved being the tail runner.  And I felt so proud of all of the women we supported today too.  31 runners, 1 leader, 1 assistant and 5 helpers.  Such a positive, fabulous atmosphere.  Women supporting women.  Brilliant stuff.  And all from that little Facebook group I set up with a couple of other running friends.  We now have over 260 members and between yesterday and today have started off 93 women on their running journeys.

Tomorrow, I'll run more, but today I ran with people for whom today's run was a long and hard one.  But it could be life changing for them.  Isn't that just magic?

Lucky old me!

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