Saturday, 31 January 2015

Runstreak Day #427 - chaos, cake and escape

Running your first ever minute is hard.  Running a 5k to bag a new PB is hard.  That first 10k is a real challenge.  And then conquering hills... well, that hurts.  Running a half marathon is hard.

But running a sleepover for 5 boys?  That is FAR harder!

Which is why it's not far off midnight and I'm sitting down to write up my day 427 run whilst barely able to keep my eyes open!

Sometimes when people hear that you run every day, they imagine that that's all you do.  That you just swan off for a run any time you fancy while they say 'I couldn't do it, I haven't time'.  Well, today was definitely not a 'swanning off any time I fancied it' day!  Today was a 'get up early, do the weekly grocery shopping, make lunch, make a birthday cake (my son helpfully said that he wanted a bumble bee cake to give me a change... a change from the easy cake I usually make!), sort out party food, listen to chaos of 9-year old boy party before dishing up food, doing party games with them all, doing birthday cake singing, cake cutting and getting the boys watching a film'... and... ESCAPE!!

And although I was absolutely exhausted, it was SO worth it.  A bit of space and quiet.  Bliss.  I didn't listen to any music, I needed silence.  The streets were calm.  There was no shouting.  No boys clomping about.  No mess.  No nothing much.  Just me.  Pitter pattering around the neighbourhood.  5k of 'me'.

Before getting back to a quick shower.  And then tidying up after a bomb had hit our sitting room.  And attempting to get a handful of 9 year olds to stop being a handful and calm down enough to get to bed.

I have aged 3,000 years today.

At least 3,000.

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