Monday, 26 January 2015

Runstreak Day #422 - more fun with beginners

... and another double run day.  Which means that I am now officially exhausted.  It wasn't actually the running which tired me out though.  Okay, a little bit, but not much.  It was the lack of sleep after horrendous nightmares and then an intense counselling session which left me feeling pretty drained*.  Compared to that, running is a little gift of happiness.

I have been feeling pretty darned fed up of the whole PTSD thing, so being able to run and feel a physical energy flowing is bloomin' brilliant.  My first run was running my littlest to school.  He was on his scooter... and I ran.  And secretly enjoyed the surprised faces of other parents as I ran back home after them clocking me not looking my normal maternal self, and instead, running up a flippin' big hill.  That is a nice feeling.

My second run involved running with our Notts Women Runners Monday evening group.  I back-mark that group and I really enjoy it.  You get to have a nice chat with the runners at the back, you get to see the difference a bit of encouragement and support makes... and you get to witness women pushing themselves and feeling proud of what they have achieved.  When you're leading a session, you get a bit caught up in trying to be all eyes, ears and organisation... assisting is a different story.  They're both good in different ways, but it is special to feel that connection with a smaller group of runners.

And bed is calling...

*falls asleep instantly*

* this isn't to say that counselling isn't a good thing, it's just that it is an intense process of working through things which is very tiring.

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