Friday, 30 January 2015

Runstreak Day #426 - snow + ice + ice grippers = no problem!

Snowy icy run done.  Well, run 1 of today done, but the next run will also be a school run-run and then off to physio... and an evening of preparing for my littlest's birthday party tomorrow.  I think the last bit is more scary than any run in the ice and snow, to be honest!!

Actually, the snow and ice weren't a problem today. I ended up buying some ice runner gripper thingies (not YakTrax but some much cheaper ones from Amazon) and they were brilliant.  No problem running up the icy hill... no problem running down the other side.  The only problem was that my son was insisting on scooting his way to school, so we kept having to stop while he cleared the snow from his scooter wheels and then grumbled about it!  They need to invent ice grippers for scooters!!

I did get a fair few 'you must be crazy' looks from people as I ran past.  I don't care though, I earned them!  You do look a bit crackers when you're running wearing 'only' running tights and a few bits of running clothing compared to everyone else who's wrapped up like the Michelin man!  Plus, I saw one of the runners from my beginners' group dropping her daughters off at nursery and got kudos points from her as well for being 'super motivated' as she said (even though one of the main reasons I'm running my littlest to school is that running home again means I get back quicker to my cuppa cha!).  Running in the snow earns you extra hardcore points!!

So, even if I don't run again today, I have run.  I can wear the smug pants for the rest of the day.

*twirls around in her smug pants happily*

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