Monday, 5 January 2015

Runstreak Day #401 - 5k more in the bag

You know what drives me a little bit mad about running?  When you're 100% well, people take it for granted that you can and will run.  They assume you're running *because* you're well.  And then, when you're not feeling 100%, all of a sudden you're taking risks with your health, you're being stupid, you're encouraging others to make stupid choices with their own running etc etc.  It doesn't occur to them that you're just making a judgement call on exactly how 'not 100%' you actually are, and are going for a run based on your own personal decision.  Being judged after the fact just doesn't help in the slightest.

But then, I guess when it comes to running, other people find it hard to hear that it's not always easy.  That you don't always sail through each and every run.  That sometimes it is just plain ol' work when it comes to getting out there and getting a run in.  The fact that I've had a chest infection and carried on running is - according to most - stupid... and according to some, plain irresponsible.  However, I've been running slowly.  I am running well within my capabilities and I am resting the rest of the time.  No, it's not everyone's choice to run when things aren't perfect.  But I am not everyone.  Running every day makes the act of running normal.  You don't stop walking, breathing, eating, sleeping etc because you're not feeling 100%.  You just do those things with a bit more care for yourself, a bit more awareness.  A bit more resting in between times.  Well, running is as normal as those things are for other people.

Life is complicated.  The choice to run is complicated.  Giving in and giving up is simple.  I don't do simple.

Today, I ran just over 5k.  I stopped from time to time to get my breath.  And yes, I coughed a lot when I'd finished.  But I'm not coughing now.  I am getting better.  And I had the kind of stressful exhausting day (counselling and doctor's appointments) which meant that running helped look after my mental health as well as buying me some freedom.

And if you're tutting and rolling your eyes at my choice to run today.  Buckle up.  You'll get plenty more opportunities to despair of me.  I don't make the choices you make.  Get over it.  :o)

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