Friday, 9 January 2015

Runstreak Day #405 - I hate running in the wind!!!

In the past 405 days there is one type of weather which I have failed to embrace.  I still hate it just as much as the first day of my running streak.

My name is Sarah.  And I HATE running in the wind.

I don't just dislike it.  I don't just 'not favour it that much'.  I loathe and despise running in windy weather.  Let's examine the evidence...

1.  You have to put a bit of vaseline on your lips to stop the wind from drying them out completely...
2.  ... and then bits of your hair get randomly blown on to your face and stick to the vaseline.  Which is gross.
3.  If the wind is behind you, you feel like you're about to be pushed over...
4.  ... and if the wind is in front of you, you feel like you're running slowly and painfully on the spot...
5.  ... until you start running up a hill, and then you feel certain you're actually running backwards
6.  All the while trying to get bits of hair out of your mouth and eyes.
7.  There are sticks and twigs which have been blown down all over the place and which are intent on booby-trapping the pavements
8.  It's f*cking horrible to run in.
10.  I hate it.  A lot.

Which means that when I noticed on my watch that I'd done just over 5k, I was perfectly within my rights to stop dead and refuse to run another step.  So I did.  And then stomped my way home looking like a mad pouty teenage scarecrow.  In lycra.

Oh, and the Friday night horn-beepers in stupid souped-up hatchbacks... you can also do one.  Sitting in your warm cars, being prats while I'm attempting to be epic by running in ridiculous weather.  Pffft to you all!!!

*pouts and stomps about a bit more*

PPS  Subtle tonight, wasn't I?  :D

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