Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Runstreak Day #409 - physically on the turn


I may just have had my first 'I'm not completely broken' run in ages...

Shhhhhhhh!!  Don't tell anyone... don't say the words out loud or I'll end up broken... again.  But... YAY!!!!!!!!

Since September I've either been recovering from the car accident (neck, shoulder, rib, back, leg and ankle injuries)... or my back injury (prolapsed disc)... or a poxy chest infection... and then flippin' chilblains on top of all that.  And although my toes are still sore and when I stop running I'll start coughing... I ran a lovely chatty 4 miles with a running friend, didn't have to stop, managed an okay pace and physically felt as good as I have done in ages.

Which is weird because I haven't felt very well at all today.

Go figure!!

Running is the antidote to a lot of stuff.  Including the aftermath of yesterday's counselling session which opened a particularly wiggly can of worms.  There's nothing quite like running with a friend or running on your own for getting you the positive space and calm you need.  And a day which starts off with sleepless headachy nightmares becomes one which has little sparkly bits, and that's all thanks to running.

Plus, yesterday I had the privilege of helping a friend run her first beginners' session - and with the 31 women who joined that session yesterday it means that in just two days, with the 62 we had at the session the day before, we had got 93 women running for the first time.  That's the sort of thing that stays in the back of your mind and when you're having a rough time can shine and remind you that life can be amazing and positive... and all those other things which can feel so far away sometimes when life is hard.

Oh, and when I was out on my run this evening, what did I see coming towards me from the other direction?  A group of 8 of our beginners run-walking towards us on the opposite pavement!!!  Out running together in the week!  Isn't that fantastic?  They're really doing it!  It's SO exciting!

Yup, running is a little slice of happy.  It really is.

Happy dance anyone?  :D

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