Monday, 26 January 2015

Runstreak Day #420 - the gross stuff list

Right. That's it. Day 420. Run.

Didn't fancy going out in the cold today at all. I have had enough of wearing 3,000,000,000 layers every time I go out. And *still* coming back with frozen hands and a dribbly red nose. I am trying to build back up my mileage - since the whole 'fainting while running' and then prolapsed disc and chest infection things my weekly mileage has struggled to make it past 20 miles... and the last time it was more than 30 miles a week was November. The problem is that building up those miles again = more miles = more time = more time outside in the cold. And I DON'T LIKE IT!

So, I was a reluctant sulky pants when I went out this evening. I decided to plug myself into my iPod and run to some music to take my mind off it. About 2 minutes in, the battery on the iPod died. Aaaaaaargh!!! Do you ever get the feeling you're having one of those runs?

Weirdly though, without music, I kind of enjoyed it more. My running was better. It was quicker. I thought about how I was running more. And it wasn't bad. And while I was in that better place, I mentally wrote myself a list of gross stuff that runners do. For your delectation...

1. Snot rockets
2. Farting while running
3. A lot
4. Spitting
5. Peeing themselves while running
6. ... and being more worried about chafing than the social no-no of wetting yourself in public
7. Peeing in bushes
8. Pooping in bushes
9. Dashing into random shops, cafes, pubs etc... only to poop or pee in their loos before embarrassedly muttering thanks as they run out again
10. Sweaty hugs with other runners after a run...
11. ... then standing around chatting while stinking of sweat
12. Wiping noses on sleeves, gloves, t-shirts, leaving tell-tale snail trails on their clothing

I managed at least a couple of those this evening. *so proud*

And then got home, flung my stinky clothes in the washing machine and stuck myself in the shower. And now I smell all sweet and lovely and would never admit to any non-runner that I do anything off the gross list.

*polishes halo* ;)

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