Thursday, 29 January 2015

Runstreak Day #425 - freezing hill it's cold!

Another double-up-the-runs day for Day 425.  Which means I'm kinda knackered now... but it's definitely working in terms of getting my miles back up and not killing myself in the process.  Which is important - well, the not killing myself is important, getting my miles back up isn't quite as important as that!!

Anyhoo... I ran my littlest to school in the morning.  Braving him moaning about the cold on the way up the hill... and trying to keep up with him as he zoomed down the other side on his scooter, completely forgetting all of his moaning only minutes before.  That, and the run home again, added up to a 2.5 mile start to my day.  On top of that, I walked into town and back - a round trip of 6 miles... then walked to pick up my littlest at the end of the day... nearing 9 miles of walking...

... which set me up 'nicely' for a hilly run with Notts Women Runners this evening!  I couldn't even get out of it since it was me leading the run.  So, I schlepped out of the house in the cold and met up with everyone.  We ended up doing a simplified hilly route because the pavements were snowy / icy and it wasn't safe to do the normal run down the crazy lumpy bumpy hilly pavements, so we stuck to the main roads instead.  Which were still pretty icy!  And then we got snowed on.  Brrrrrrr!

Which is why I've gone and ordered myself some more crazy-coloured knee length socks.  And whoever invents running gear made out of duvet material is getting their first order from me.  I am sick to death of being a frozen lump at the end of my runs.

That and the fact that it being so cold makes my nose run and me want to pee every five minutes!!!  On the upside today, I went into Sweaty Betty today and learned that I qualified for a 20% discount card doo dah.  Which is a dangerous thing and will require even more lying to my husband about how much I spend on running gear.

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