Sunday, 4 January 2015

Runstreak Day #400 - Burton Joyce 10k and a chest infection

Would anyone mind doing the 'Day 400 happy dance' for me?  I appear to have broken myself a little bit today, so even though my tea drinking arm and mouth seem to be functioning just fine, I'm not convinced I have a happy dance left in me!!!

Today I did my first race of the year - a local 10k on a flat route, which sounded ideal.  Plus, I got to meet up with some ace running friends.  And the weather was beautifully misty and still this morning.
Until you factor in the 'I've still got a chest infection' issue... and then that complicates everything... because it was crazy cold this morning and that makes breathing / running a teensy bit more tricky.  The start of the race was delayed by about 20 minutes as they tried to grit sections of the course, but it was still super dooper slippy in places and you definitely had to watch your feet to make sure you didn't do some kind of mid-air acrobatics!

All I actually wanted from today's race was to complete it.  I've had such a pants few months with running that I doubted whether or not I could manage 10k at all.  Which seems ridiculous when at the beginning of October, I could manage it in less than 50 minutes... and now I don't know if I can do it at all.  I did do it today though - which I'm chuffed about.  It was slow.  I was having to breathe in a weirdly shallow way so as not to bring on a coughing fit with the cold air.  Plus, the urge to stop and walk nearly overwhelmed me just before I finished!  And when I did finish, my hands were so painfully cold that I couldn't actually stop my watch for a while... and when I went to the loo afterwards took ages attempting to remove and put back on clothing as I couldn't feel my fingers!  Then I spent ten minutes coughing.

And yet, I'm still glad I ran!  The crazy gets you like that sometimes.  400 days in a row and there hasn't yet been an excuse not to run which has felt like a genuine reason.  Plus... there was bling!!  Bling, people!  Bling!!!

And tea afterwards.  Result!  :D

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