Thursday, 15 January 2015

Runstreak Day #411 - goldfish and planning...

The best laid plans an' all that...

Especially when you've got a nice hilly run planned with some other running friends... you've sorted the route... reminded everyone that it's happening... are all set to lead it... and are just about to change into your running gear... when...

Your 8 year old's goldfish decides to die.

And then you have to scrap the run, arrange at short notice for someone else to lead it... all the while mopping up tears from two distraught children, as they cry all over their dinner.  The joys of being a running mummy!

So, while everyone else was running at 6:30, I was in the pet shop with my children and husband discussing whether or not having another goldfish would be sensible, given that our remaining goldfish is an aggressive little sausage (the answer was 'no', if you're interested!).  And by the time we'd dealt with that and the children were less sniffly and sad ('this is the saddest thing that's ever happened to me', wailed my littlest)... it was gone 8:30 and all energy had exited stage right.  I considered not going for a run, but I needed the headspace and so I decided that as long as I met my two mile minimum that would be fine.

Except that running 2 miles when the wind is behaving like a crazy thing and you're basically being battered as it attempts to start raining too... well, that's damn hard work.  Not so bad with the wind behind you, but running into it while the rain spits insolently into your face.  That's pretty revolting.

As I ran up the hill and back home, into a wind that was attempting to blow me into the road, I doubted my sanity completely!  It was not a fun run.  It was a 'get it done' run.  So, I got it done.  I earned a cuppa and a warm shower.  And then I went and mopped more tears and dealt with sad children again until they fell asleep.

Yup, being a running mummy is a tricky old business!

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