Sunday, 18 January 2015

Runstreak Day #414 - running changes lives

Runstreak Day 414 - and another day which blew my (RMR!) socks off.  The second session in the beginners course I'm leading at the moment and after last week's amazing 62 runners... we had 18 new runners join our existing group!!  It was incredible!  Fortunately a brilliant friend of mine was on hand to assist... as well as another 6 of our experienced Notts Women Runners to help as those numbers are hard to handle and it's so important that no-one is left behind and no-one is made to feel that they're not welcome.

I'd run there so as to get a bit of a 'proper' run in as well as to check out how icy it was at the country park... but other than being sparkly and beautiful, the ice really wasn't a problem at all.  By 10:45 there were already runners turning up.  And then... wave after wave of them appeared.  It is such a brilliant atmosphere though.  Chatting, laughing and so friendly.  It makes me feel so proud to be part of how good running can be for bringing people together.  I love that there wasn't anyone standing on their own, looking lost.

We started with a warm up walk... then they got stuck into their run-walking.  It is *the* most wonderful thing to see a group of women running, talking, laughing, and being together.  All different ages.  All different shapes and sizes.  Taking over the park and doing something brilliant for themselves.  And when we'd finished all of the running bits and only had one last walk to do, one of the women said to me 'I feel so proud of myself, I never would have believed I could do that.' and I felt all tingly with happiness.  That is the gift that running gives you.  The feeling of pride.  The feeling of achievement.  And after only two weeks, our runners are already getting to experience that.

How flippin' amazing is that?  Even though it was hard work for everyone, we had comments such as 'I loved every minute of it', 'fab run' and so many others.   I really am so lucky to be able to run... and to be able to share that with other people.  A bright, sparkly, special morning, shared with an inspiring group of women.  Goose-bumpy stuff!!

If anyone's thinking about doing the Leadership in Running Fitness course... or thinking about setting up their own running club... do it.  Make it happen and a door into something more awesome than you can imagine will open right up.

Tea.  And happy dancing.  Oh yeah!  I love my Sunday mornings.  They're the best!!  :D

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