Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Runstreak Day #417 - to run two runs...

Day 417... and running when it's minus degrees sucks really badly.  You know why?  Not because I'm cold (I'm ALWAYS cold).  Not because the pavements are slippy.  Not because it's hard to get warmed up and into your run.  Not because when it snows and snow lands in your eye, it stings like a b*stard.

No.  Running when it's minus degrees sucks really badly because it's not just you that's running.  My nose, people, is driving me insane.  It is like an annoying dripping tap.  Well, it drips for a while, then goes into full on dribbly gross mode while I faff around tracking down a tissue.  Then realise that I have got one... it's just that it's been through the wash and is now a hard pellet of formerly balm-softened nose soothing.  And in desperation, I attempt to use the pellet of concrete sadness to stem the flow of snot.  Before giving up and using my sleeve.

The thing I don't recommend is doing all of this while waiting in the queue at the sorting office.  And then realising that other people are witnessing you being revolting!  The reason for being at the sorting office?  Run number 1 today involved literally running an errand.  I had to go and pick up a parcel (which a) wasn't even for me and b) definitely wasn't running gear - pffft!) and it was snowing.  Since I'm not driving at the moment (thank you, PTSD gods, for the gift of having to walk everywhere), my choice was walk there slowly, get frozen and cold for a longer period of time.  Or run.  I, obviously, chose the latter!

Run number 2 was a run with my littlest with Sweatshop.  He LOVES going to 'running club' and today we took along cake for everyone as it's his birthday on Saturday.  We managed to run just over 2.5 miles.  He belted back up the hill when he clocked some of the runners who'd gone a longer route appear in the distance (he's stupidly competitive!)... and then we witnessed the impressive cake eating skills of all the other runners as they arrived back at the leisure centre!  Runners love cake, so it seems.

Things I've learned today?  My nose needs to be sewn up for the winter.  Plus, where cake and running are concerned, it appears more is more!

Another two-run day done.  I *will* start to build back up my mileage for marathon training after a rubbish few months!  And if I have to split my runs to do so, then that's what I'm going to do!

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