Friday, 23 January 2015

Runstreak Day #419 - running the school run

I have a new first!  Yup... 419 days into my running streak I did the school run.  Literally.

Today has been a busy day and I was struggling to see where I'd fit in a run before my physio appointment at 5:15.  Plus, I hate going for a run after physio because inevitably... it hurts!

So, I decided that if I left to pick up my littlest from school twenty minutes earlier than normal, I could squeeze in a nice run before getting him.  And that's exactly what I did.  Was even organised enough to put a zip-up hoodie into my running bag (bought one the other day after having enough of attempting to run with non-running bags!!) as well as a bobble hat for the 'standing around waiting at school' bit.  Get me!  Organised to the max!  :o)

The run itself wasn't particularly planned other than at some point there would be hills because the kids' school is up a big hill and down a big hill.  I had a vague 5k-ish route in mind which would flatten the hills as much as poss... and off I set.  At about two miles in, I was almost all of the way up a VERY steep hill when I spotted that a truck was blocking the path completely.  Aaaaargh!  Having to cross the road and then cross back up hill while attempting not to die as the workmen blatantly stared at my puny efforts... well, that nearly tipped me over the hilly edge!  My legs felt like jelly.  By the time I got to school, I had a proper sweat on.

Then, I had the task of waiting, whilst looking like a crazy sweaty, stinky mess.  RMR socks in full effect.  I have never felt more lovely.  Oh, and don't sit down on a step whilst waiting.  Because when you stand up again, an embarrassing peach-shaped sweat mark will show where your bum has been parked.  *blush*

On the other hand, running the mile and a bit home again with my son scooting along beside me up another hill in front of the rest of the parents?  That earns extra parent-kudos points if you're an 8 year old boy.  And so, even though running the school run isn't especially glam, my littlest is insistent that we do it again!

Is it tea o'clock?  I believe it just might be.  :D

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