Sunday, 18 January 2015

Runstreak Day #413 - slow but satisfying

I really am taking it steady at the moment.  After several months of not feeling very well following the car accident... and then a back injury and chest infection... I am not prepared to push it and end up feeling grotty all over again.  So, when I hit 5k on my run today, that really was enough for me.  And I just walked home and felt zero guilt about that at all.

The purpose of my run was just to go through my timings for tomorrow's beginners' session.  As long as I kept on running throughout, nothing else really mattered.  That's a nice feeling.  Just puttering along.  Yes, it was freezing out.  And wearing a woolly hat and gloves isn't the most glamorous thing in the world.  But who cares?  A gal's gotta stay warm some how!

I barely saw anyone else out either.  Considering it was 9pm on a Saturday night, it was weirdly quiet.  I am sure people probably think I'm 'that mad running woman' when they see me in my gharish kit on a Saturday night when the only other women out seem to be wearing 3 inch heels and make-up that's slightly brighter than my luminous yellow top.  They don't feel how I feel when I'm running though.  All swooshy and free.  It had been a busy day and a stressful car journey (being in a car is still a real trigger for my PTSD and that in itself is exhausting)... but I got my bit of time to just enjoy being outside.

And that makes it all worthwhile.  And it's why my running is as steady as you like at the moment.  If I push it too hard and end up not able to run?  That's just not worth it.

I'm always just aiming to run tomorrow.

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