Sunday, 1 February 2015

Runstreak Day #428 - beginners are brilliant!!

Is it too early to be in bed?  No?  Oh, that *is* good!  Because I am wrecked!

I'm struggling to remember what I've done today let alone what number day of running this is.  Possibly day 428?  Maybe?  I dunno.  Anyway, this is what is called 'the run after the sleepover the night before'.  Which means running on even less sleep than normal.  *ya-a-a-a-a-awn*

Fortunately my runs today were amazingly positive ones.  First was a run to the local country park... a quick couple of miles or so, tootling along, listening to music and generally being in my happy place.  Second was my beginners' group.  We're now up to 93 people registered for our Sunday morning group, which is mind-blowing!  And today they were just so, so, so fantastic.  The very best bit is seeing how happy everyone is.  And how proud they are.  And after the run, we get messages to our Facebook group like this:

"I speak on behalf of everyone saying we are all buzzing off your motivation and support and it then helps us to encourage and support each other. Since I started last Sunday and including today I have clocked up 10.5 miles and that for me is a major deal"

"Today was amazing. It was so nice running back to a group of ladies clapping and cheering! Everyone's so friendly and encouraging. I felt so proud of myself after I had finished and though "wow I can run" Never done any running before since I started these sessions 4 weeks ago but I'm definitely hooked! I love the buzz you get after finishing a run! Already looking forward to next weeks session"

"so lovely to see so many ladies all together and encouraging each other"

"the support from Everyone is amazing,I love the fact I can be running along and turn to talk to anyone of you"

"Can't believe I managed it today but so chuffed with myself, as soon as I finish I'm thinking bring on next week. It really does help having everyone else around you, without doubt if I was on my own I wouldn't have got this far"

"Finishing the extra loop was amazing. Feeling so proud. Great sense of achievement!"

"So proud of how far we have come...thanks Sarah & team #thesegirlscan"

Isn't that just the loveliest way to start a Sunday?  I get tingles when I think about getting to run with them all.  I feel so lucky and so honoured to be part of them all making this change to their lives.  Two years ago, that was me, starting out running... but I was on my own.  Now, I get to share what running means to me and see the blossoming self belief and confidence in so many other women.  Who are all supporting each other.  It is a powerfully beautiful thing.

If anyone is thinking about doing the LiRF course and starting their own beginners' courses... DO IT!  It is by far and away one of the best things I have done in a really long time.  Running is a gift you give yourself... but if you can share that gift with someone else, it becomes something so incredible it'll knock your socks off.

Even when you're feeling dog-tired!

*happy dances off to bed*

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