Friday, 13 February 2015

Runstreak Day #440 - prolapsed disc collector...

Post-physio Friday.  And I'm back to the slow, boring runs again.  Since the car accident I've been having physio on my ankle, back and shoulder... and while the other things have gradually got better, the problem in my shoulder hasn't.  Turns out to be a prolapsed disc in my neck.  Yup, I have managed to have two prolapsed discs in the past few months.  Gah.

Cue more yanking and poking of my neck.  More exercises.  More physio booked.  And me feeling fed-up... again.  Not least because it's been particularly bad today and I'm doing that awful stiff robot thing you do when your neck seizes up and you can't look side to side.  Poo lumps.

Thank goodness for Ibuprofen!

Anyway, it didn't mean that I stopped running.  Obviously!  I just did a slow hilly run and pootled about the neighbourhood, discovering a new route while I was at it.  Which is good!  I do like finding a new route or two.  Especially after so many days of running each day, it's good to get to explore now and again.

I also ran with my husband.  Well, I ran.  He walked.  He will *not* run.  Ever!  So, I walked a bit, then ran loops around him!  Fortunately (well, fortunately-ish!), the route was hilly, so I ran up and down the hills and he walked it and got a decent run in.  And looked a bit weird in the process, managed a disjointed conversation with him, but I didn't care because I loved having his company.

Robot neck an' all.

But some how I haven't had a celebratory cup of tea.  Weirdness!

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