Friday, 6 February 2015

Runstreak Day #433 - Light Night triple

My running day came in a 3 for the price of 1 style today... with three shortish runs to make up Runstreak Day #433.

The first run involve tricky negotiations mid-way through running my son to school.  He realised he'd forgotten his watch and wanted it NOW.  Which wasn't massively helpful given that we were already late and he had abandoned his scooter in an effort to look like a sullen teenager.  So, I ran a bit.  Waited for him to grumpily catch up.  Ran a bit more.  Waited.  Ran.  Waited... and so on.  The run home from school, albeit up a stupid big hill was bliss in comparison!

The second and third runs involved leading a run into Nottingham as part of the city's 'Light Night' - where all the buildings are lit up and there are loads of arts events for families.  We had glow sticks, armbands, glow maracas, glow tambourines, glow glasses... we were like one big moving Christmas tree swarming into town.  We got ourselves beeped at, waved at and generally smiled at the whole way.  Compare and contrast with the morning's grumpy run!!

So... fragments of running in what was a pretty tricky day generally.  But another day chalked up and my fitness is definitely starting to come back, which is a relief!!

Oh, and tomorrow I'm volunteering at parkrun for the first time ever!  Am really looking forward to it!!  Hooray for new stuff!

And hooray for running.  Running is awesome, if you were ever in any doubt.  :D

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